dylan o’brien laughing during interviews (◕ω◕✿)


i was wondering how adult merida would look like.. so…



Elsa and ice dragon
It’s a fabulous gift from pabu! After colored by pabu and I added some snow :) Pabu made Elsa and dragon look so gorgeous +w+ Thank you!

aww, you’re welcome, dear! <3

and this snow looks wonderful!


'hello, young princes. i have something for you. please, take it. it's a gift.'

'he's so pretty! oh! b-but it's a dragon! uncle thorin hates dragons, so i hates them too…'

'this is very precious and beautiful toy, kili. and bofur will be very happy if you take his gift. and think that it isn't that dragon which uncle hates. he's so little and cute.'

'oh, if you say so fee.. i think i can take this gift, mr.bofur. thank you.'


for bluemountaintoymaker

… A promise lives within you now …

❝ In an early “The Hobbit” manuscript Tolkien wrote but scrapped, he originally toyed with the idea of either Fili or Kili suffering an injury or being captured mid-tale. ❞



Oh, I love finding little gems like this…

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Scott and Betrayal



So, I’m doing my rewatch and I’m wrapping up season 2. Which used to be my favorite, but it’s becoming more and more troubling for me.

So, near the end of 210 and Scott encounters Gerald at the police station. And he’s indignant: “What are you doing here? Its not supposed to be like this.” then “I did everything you asked. I joined Derek’s pack. I got you the information you wanted. I told you Matt was controlling the Kanima.”

Gerald sends him away and Scott walks down the hall, past Derek, who’s hiding around a corner and clearly heard everything. 

And his face- its just completely shut down. It didn’t strike me until now how deep Scott’s betrayal went. The fact that Derek had thought that he was winning Scott over, that they could be brothers, that he had just saved Scott’s life. And it was all at Gerald’s bidding. 

Now, Derek is anything but stupid, and he knows Gerald pushed Kate, made her into a person who could do what she did. He know how flat out evil Gerald is. And to have Scott, a werewolf, to be working for him, after Peter just used him to resurrect himself.

I’m frankly amazed he didn’t just grab the betas and leave town. I would have been so tempted to just say ‘Fuck off, Beacon Hills.”He’s got money. He doesn’t have to stay there. And yet, he is. He’s still trying to stop the Kanima. He’s still trying to save people.

I almost wish he did leave. Because in just a few nights, Scott’s going to force him to give the bite- what he believes to be a gift- to that bastard Gerald. 

No one suffers like Derek Hale, and he just. Keeps. Going. He’s nothing short of amazing to me.


"Best part of waking up…"

Verronica Divine and Julie. Portland. 2014. Leica M6 83.

(Styled by: Julie








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{January 18th, 2014}
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